About Volunteering

Pawsitivity Rescue is always in need of animal lovers who are interested in helping out with various aspects of keeping an animal rescue up and running. Whether you are interested in working with animals, working behind the scenes with the Board of Directors, or working at upcoming fundraisers and events, Pawsitivity Rescue can always use a helping hand. Saving animals would not be possible without the help of our devoted volunteers. 

What You Do as a Volunteer

                          Work with Animals:

Some of the ways a volunteer can help involve interacting with the animals we currently have for adoption. Some of these tasks include petsitting, dog walking, going on vet trips, driving animals to different locations, taking dogs to dog park or on hikes, dog training, grooming animals, and many more! If you are an animal fanatic like us, this is the type of volunteering for you!

                    Work Behind the Scenes:

Another way volunteers can help involve working with the Board of Directors to ensure the rescue runs smoothly. Some of these tasks include performing home checks, filtering through applications, picking up essentials at the store for the animals, and many many  more! If you are interested in making a difference, this is the type of volunteering for you!

                 Work Fundraisers and Events:

Volunteers can help by being the face of Pawsitivity Rescue at social events. Volunteers will receive Volunteer Shirts to wear, and help set up, take down, and work with animals and people during fundraisers and other events. You will get to answer questions the community has and represent Pawsitivity Rescue. If you are interested in working with both people and animals, this is the type of volunteering for you!

How the Volunteer Process Works

We try to make the Volunteer Process as easy as possible for our dedicated volunteers! If you are interested in becoming a volunteer, please sign up on the Volunteer Application below. When you officially are a registered volunteer with Pawsitivity Rescue, we will add you to our Volunteer Page on Facebook and to our Volunteer email list. Once Pawsitivity Rescue needs help from our Volunteers, we will send out an email and post to the Volunteer Page on Facebook letting our Volunteers know what we need help with. It is then up to the Volunteer to decide if what we are asking interests them or fits into their schedule. If a Volunteer feels like they are able to help out, they will send us an email letting us know, and we will then notify the rest of the Volunteers that help was found. We understand that Volunteering is on your own time and that everyone has busy lives. We hope that this makes it very easy for Volunteers to decide if they are able to help us for each particular task asked.