Fostering is one of the most beneficial ways you can help out Pawsitivity Rescue. Pawsitivity Rescue is a foster based rescue, meaning we rely on the generosity of foster families to open their homes to an animal that was rescued from a high kill shelter until we can place them in a loving forever home. With your help, we can help minimize the amount of animals that are euthanized in California animal shelters each year! When we save an animal from the shelters, it leaves room for more animals to come in, therefore saving one life and benefiting others. The problem in most animal shelters is that they run out of room for all the animals coming in. This forces them to euthanize animals that have been in the shelter after a certain amount of days (often times as little as 2 days) in order to make room for the new animals that are sure to walk through the door. 

Not only is fostering a life saving difference you can make, but it is a life changing experience for you and the animal you are fostering! When you open your home to an animal in need, these animals become forever grateful to you. You show them love, kindness, and compassion, and in return they show you trust, loyalty, and companionship. You are the bridge that connects the animals threatened life in a shelter to their new forever home with a family who loves them. You teach them to trust people again and that people are out there that care about them and love them.

If you are interested in fostering, please fill out the Foster Application listed below. With Pawsitivity Rescue’s foster program, you reach out to us and we find an animal in need that we think would fit into your family and life for the time being. You can choose to foster any type of animal through Pawsitivity Rescue as long as we believe we have the outreach and ability to find it a forever home. 

Foster Application

Please fill out the Foster Application below to become eligible to be a Foster Parent for a deserving animal in need. After we receive your application, a representative of Pawsitivity Rescue will be in contact with you shortly.